We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. For anything not covered below, please use our contact form.

1. What lease lengths are available?

We generally prefer one (or more) year leases, with discounts for longer leases, but we do have month to month leases as well as flexible short term leases at your request or at the request of our owners and partners for other reasons.

2. How do your prices compare to other rental companies?

We strive to have the best customer service and the highest quality homes. Sometimes this means our homes are at the higher end of market rent, but through our many discounts we are often still much cheaper than comparable homes.

3. What discounts do you offer?

We generally provide discounts for signing longer leases, paying rent timely and on time. We also have our All-Star Program where tenants can receive free or discounted rent based on the number of months they have paid rent on time without any violations. Ask us how we can save you money, there are many more ways we can creatively work with you.

4. What is the rental criteria for tenants?

This criteria is set on a per-property basis by the homeowner(s) on the related application for that property, but in all cases our tenants must not have an eviction on record less than 10 years ago and must have a verifiable gross income of 2-3 times greater than the gross rent. We do require the tenant to supply previous (not current) landlord references. If we cannot get in touch with at least one previous reference or if there are substantial negative comments, this may be grounds for denial. We understand that life doesn't always fall between the lines and we will work with you to handle any issues that arise.

5. Do you have any homes available not listed on the site or upcoming?

All of our available or soon to be available homes are up to date on the website. Though if you're interested in a particular home in advance of it becoming available please contact us (link). We will keep you on file and email you when it becomes available. Please note that we cannot guarantee or hold any units for you.

6. Do you allow pets?

We love pets! But note that not all properties will allow all types of pets. For individual unit specifications, contact us!

7. What about smokers?

We do allow smokers, but there is an additional deposit required as well as increased rent due to the added turnover costs. Smoking is never allowed in the units under any circumstances.

8. Do you have any rent-to-own properties?

Yes. We love helping people achieve the American dream. Please contact us to discuss further how we can use rent with option to buy to help you.