Enveste Real Estate

Enveste was founded by John Matthews, an entrepreneur hailing from Boston, MA. A few twists and turns (and some BAD landlords!) later, he ended up in Philadelphia. Having been through his fair share of rentals, John knew what he didn't like in a landlord, and, inspired by a growing conviction that tenants should be treated as people and not just a quick buck, Enveste Real Estate was born.

As a direct response to John's personal experiences as a renter, Enveste was built on the qualities that were lacking in other landlords. Those qualities are the core values of Enveste: empathy, a personal touch, and responsiveness. It is our hope that each tenant feels valued, knows that there are people who care about their comfort, and that all concerns are addressed as speedily as possible.

Above all else, we hope to make it clear that Enveste is not some mega-million dollar corporation. Enveste is a local Philadelphia business, hoping to make a difference in the lives of at least a few of our peers and neighbors. We care about you and aim to provide not just a living space, but a home.